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2013年 05月 24日

USB headset using soundblaster audigy SE Hardware

So, I'm doing a Let's Play on Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I want to record both in-game audio and my voice from my USB Logitech G35 headset mic. I'm using Bandicam. I do not have Stereo-Mix in my recording options. I'm running Windows XP and my soundcard is Realtek HD. I've tried messing around with Virtual Audio Cable but I either am doing it wrong or it doesn't work for what I want. This is pretty frustrating because Let's Plays are so much better quality when in-game audio is clear. My current setup is to just set my speakers as default playback and lay sol republic my headset on my desk and record from the game audio from my speakers with my headset mic and just record myself speaking with the same mic. This is an okay set-up but not what I want. It's very limited.

- updating Realtek drivers

- recording my voice in audacity and my gameplay audio in Bandicam (didn't work, game audio won't record w/ Bandicam for some reason. I suspect it's the Stereo-Mix problem)

I've read that Realtek doesn't support Stereo-Mix at all anymore. If that's true, what should I do? Buy a new soundcard? If so, what should I buy? I'm not bad with computers, but I'm not proficient by any means.

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by anywork | 2013-05-24 00:56

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