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2013年 09月 16日

How to Shop for Good Powered Dollies

Protecting the environment from oil contamination should be a priority for any mobile oil change operation. Mobile Oil Change Businesses must project a great respect for the environment and take pride in their efforts to lead the mobile oil and lube service industry in their regions. They must be diligent in upholding the strictest Environmental standards! We believe it's not only our company's duty, but our responsibility to be respectful of our Planet, you should maintain a similar philosophy if you run a mobile oil change business.

We are happy to report that our record is perfect, when it comes to the Environment and believe it or not that is not to difficult a task; you can do this in your mobile oil change business as well if you focus on proper Best Management Practices. We recommend that each of your crews goes through rigorous training and fully understands how to dispose of used motor oil so that it does not enter our water supply. You should have some of the most stringent "Best Management Practices" in the entire Mobile Oil Change Industry and be honmac proud to be able to make that claim. And you should make that claim if you do. Not only is it great PR for your business it will help you maintain and grow your customer base.

The Oil Change Guys, my company is an EPA compliant and has always kept full insurance for those services we do. We recommend that you do the same and garlic production line machine uphold the strictest environmental standards assuring that your customer can feel comfortable using your services. All of our services should be performed cleanly and safely and no waste oil or fresh oil should ever touches the ground during your operations. You should make sure your customer knows that by using your service with state of the art, and top of the line containment mats and suction devices, oil is never exposed and cannot drip or spill onto the ground.

You must have waste oil recovery systems on board and all waste oil must be removed from the premises and recycled. You must also have all used filters removed from the premises to be recycled or disposed of by a certified disposal company. You must have a cradle to grave policy in place so that every item removed whether liquid or solid is professionally and responsibly taken care of. Not only should this be a major part of your mandatory training, but is also on each checklist. Before, during and after all performed services so you can maintain complete control of the entire operational process.

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