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Replicated Rolex A Perfect Rolex Watch

A knock on Rolex watches in Toronto is that its the favourite of knock-off artists to copy. To the inexperienced eye, theres not much difference between the genuine product and the fake one. But theres a lot under the surface which collectors and aficionados will readily spot. If you are trying to purchase Rolex online, its better to know your ABCs to avoid being victimised by seedy sellers. It must be said, however, that most vendors online run an honest business.

Its all the hands

You look at the hand of counterfeit products and they are typically made of the wrong size. The minute hand of the authentic products touches the outer hash marks, contrary to the fake products which feature a minute hand that barely reaches these marks. Its the same with the second hand, which are comparable in length to the minute hand. The hour hand is also much thicker in genuine brands compared to knock-offs. The Cyclops featured in the crystal also offers a bigger date magnification which amplifies the date 2.5 times. Counterfeiters dont have the time or the inclination to manufacturer exact sizes so they purchase in bulk whatever parts are available. This precision and meticulousness to detail explain why Rolex prices in Canada are quite high.

Tick-tock, you got the right clock?

One misconception that doesnt seem to fade is that a ticking second on a Rolex is a dead giveaway that it is fake. The truth is they tick but the movement is so fastabout six times per secondyou get the impression that it just floats along. On the other end of the spectrum, counterfeiters have wised up and introduced mechanical movements in place of quartz although they only tick at 3-4 times per second. If you can find genuine quartz Rolex watches in Canada, buying it is actually a good investment because the manufacturer only made few of these and finally stopped production a few years ago. In time, it could be an expensive collectors item.

Buy only from authorised replica rolex seller

Of course, you can avoid this if you buy from an authorised online retailer with an extensive menu of brands. So aside from Rolex, you can also buy authentic Omega, Breitling or IWC watches at very affordable prices. With that said, you should always insist on authenticated serial numbers and also a money-back guarantee option if in case the product is not at par with your standards.

Steps to Developing Online Brand Recognition

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